Evaluation of Efficacy of Guggulu Tikta Ghrita Matrabasti and Laxadi Guggulu in the Management of Vatakantaka. (W.S.R. Calcaneal Spur)

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Vikas M. Chavan, Nagaraj M Sajjan


Pada is one of the karmendriya, most of the activities of the day-to-day life depend on this Any problem with the foot adversely affect to the routine of an individual. There are few references available regarding Padagata vyadhi in Samhita, but amongst vatavyadhi, Vatakantaka is one condition that affects the foot of the person. In Vatakantaka vata produces ruja in KhudaPradesha. Except charakaacharya, all Bruhatrayi and  Laghutrayi have accepted Vatakantaka as a Vataja Nanatmaja Vyadhi. Among Laghutrayi Yogaratnakar has told   Vatakantaka as Padakantaka.Patients suffering from Vatakantaka experience severe pricking pain in Padatalapradesha. The factors which are responsible for vatakantaka are excessive use of ruksha, sheeta, laghu ahara and excessive walking on bare feet.

Keywords: Vatakantaka, Calcaneal Spur, PadagataVyadhi, Guggulu Tikta Ghrita, Lakshadi Guggulu, Matra basti.

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